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Who we are

HomeSide Rehab is a multi discipline therapy agency built around expert out-patient rehabilitation and care in the comfort of the patients own home. Our services include Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Our patients are mostly geriatric, though we can treat all home bound adult patients. We are not a homecare agency, rather we provide outpatient therapy that comes to you. Our goal is for our patients to become independent in their functional ability, and to reach their own personal goals. We bring a variety of equipment and enthusiasm to each treatment, motivating our patients to return to their once active and healthy lifestyles. HomeSide Rehab is proud of the quality care that we provide for our patients. 

Benefits of Homeside

Entire session is provided one on one by a NYS Licensed Therapist Therapy goals are focused directly on your specific daily personal challenges in your home environment Home safety check done during each evaluation. Familiar surroundings are advantageous for many patients, especially those with dementia Home exercise programs with equipment are provided to you, with training to your family and caregivers Privacy: Only those directly involved in your care will be there during therapy sessions

How we are better

Homeside Rehab has one primary goal: To provide you with outstanding therapy in the comfort of your home with dignity and compassion.  However in truth, we are much more than that. We can act as coordinators of care, providing information and resources that you may have not even known were available in your home.  When we use the term Homeside, that is precisely what we mean: We are in your home, and at your side!!  Try us today to learn the great value we add to your in home healthcare team.


Our Staff

Yisroel Brody

Yisroel Brody


Yisroel Brody graduated from Touro College in 2007. His level of education includes a Bachelors of Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He is licensed by the NY State office of Professions, and is registered by the State Dept of Education. His background includes over a decade of aquatic training, with a strong focus on swimming training for patients with special needs. He is an EMT with many years of experience and thousands of patients treated. Yisroel has worked in inpatient and outpatient therapy settings, and found his calling in geriatric homecare. He has earned a stellar reputation for compassion and dedication to his patients. In addition, he strives to provide as many resources as he can for the caregivers and family, so they can better care for their loved one. Yisroel leads a strong team of therapists who provide personal, quality, and truly restorative therapy to all those we have the opportunity to serve.