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Speech Therapy

We provide Speech Therapy services
Your personal at home speech/swallow therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations. Our physical therapists will design a treatment plan based on your related needs and goals. Throughout your treatment, we will work hard to help you return to all normal functional activities.

Our services included all types and sizes

We take a team approach and will consult with your doctor and case manager, if necessary

Our therapy focuses on:
• Communication retraining for aphasia, dysarthria, dysphonia or head/neck trauma
• Cognitive retraining
• Augmentative communication devices
• Trach weaning protocols/Passy–Muir speaking valves
• Swallow/dysphagia evaluation and treatment
• Swallow/dysphagia evaluation and treatment

Who can benefit from Speech therapy:
• Slurred speech following a stroke
• Loss of swallowing ability
• Delay or regression in language development
• Impaired memory and thinking skills
• Inability to form words after a traumatic brain injury
• Parkinson’s who cough frequently with eating or drinking