Homeside Rehab COVID-19 FAQ Fact Sheet

Q: What is this program about?

  • Many patients have become weakened due to COVID-19. Whether you have remained home or you are returning home post- hospitalization, a strong rehabilitation program can help speed up your recovery process.

Q: Wouldn’t these weak patients benefit from a short term stay at an in-patient subacute rehab?

  • Yes. Normally, they would benefit from this. However, in these uncertain times, patients and their families are concerned about the exposure in these facilities. In addition, since many patients who have endured extended hospital stays have become disoriented, many prefer to rehabilitate at home.

Q: What services do you provide?

  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech/Swallowing Therapy, & Nutrition

Q: Are your Therapists Licensed?

  • Yes. All of our Therapists are licensed and insured. We do not utilize staffing agencies to find fill in Therapists for us.

Q: Does insurance cover this rehab program?

  • We accept Medicare and many other insurances. It would be best to call and we can gather your information and give you a more educated answer.

Q: Do I need to get a prescription from my Doctor?

  • We will arrange for the prescription. However, if you have hospital discharge information, or other information please advise us and you can fax it to us. It can be helpful info for us.

Q: Do your Therapists use Personal Protective Equipment?

  • Yes.

Q: How much therapy will I need?

  • As each patient is different, we would do an assessment and develop an individualized program for each patient. We have the resources to provide you with however many times a day/week you will need. Insurance will vary, though we can discuss and work it out.

Q: What about if we want to go to an outpatient office?

  • The goal for our patients at Homeside Rehab is for you to be healthy and well enough to return to your previous physical abilities through housecalls. If a patient can go to an outpatient office, it is usually considered a mission accomplished for us, and we can refer to one of our many colleagues within the community. If you prefer to have the therapy at home, we can still provide that for you. But it is usually most appropriate for patients who can go to an outpatient office, to do so.

Q: Do you provide any other services?

  • Although indirectly, we can refer you to and arrange for many other home based services, such as visiting Doctors, aides, mental health counseling, etc.

Q: How do I begin the process?

  • Call our intake department. Phone: 718.377.5000. Fax: 718.377.5002

Q: What if I feel like my case is unique and I want to review this with someone over the phone?

  • Many cases are unique and require special attention. An example of this could be if a patient has a tracheostomy and is on a ventilator and/or humidified oxygen etc. We would review these cases on an individual basis, and guide you as best as we can. The best approach is to reach out to our office, and we would then follow up with an educated conversation once we have more information and a basic file. Giving us information is not a commitment, rather it is a method for us to guide you and help you plan accordingly. We look forward to helping you.

Q: Do you provide Teletherapy as well?

  • A: Yes. While we feel that in person therapy is more effective, we have a Telehealth Team ready to assist you. It is covered by insurance similarly to in person visits during this health emergency. The process is simple, and can be accomplished via a variety of video calls, depending on your device.